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Looking for some competitive fun with friends or family? You don’t have to tướng own all the newest games to tướng play.

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Looking for some competitive fun with friends or family? You don’t have to tướng own all the newest games to tướng play.

Hamburg has a wide variety of opportunities for gamers of all stripes to tướng come together and play the night away. Whether you want to tướng discover new games with your best friends, discover new friends over your favourite games, or even test out a game you’ve developed, Hamburg has you covered. 

Note: Although the below websites are in German, Hamburg’s gaming community tends to tướng be very English-friendly, ví don’t be bashful!

Brettspiel-Café Würfel & Zucker

The game café Würfel & Zucker has been offering gamers a trang chính in Eilbek since 2017. Würfel & Zucker, which translates to tướng ‘Dice & Sugar’, (or ‘Cube & Sugar’) is half open game collection, half café, where patrons can try out any of the over 800 games on offer while enjoying a variety of beverages, homemade cakes, sandwiches and snacks. And don’t worry about trying out something new: there’s always a helpful thành viên of the staff on hand to tướng explain or clarify rules — in German or in English.

Würfel & Zucker also offers regular theme nights, including a ‘prototype day’ when local game designers can present their latest creations to tướng players happy to tướng test them out. And if you’d rather take it easy on your brain, there’s even a bowling alley in the basement.

Würfel & Zucker
Eilbeker Weg 39, 22089 Hamburg


In Hamburg’s Hohenfeld neighbourhood, just minutes from the eastern banks of the Alster Lake, is Atlantis. Not the lost đô thị, but one of Hamburg’s best-stocked game shops, full of board games, role-playing games, thẻ games, miniatures, books and more. While Atlantis is primarily a cửa hàng, they also host a wide variety of gaming events, ranging from evenings dedicated to tướng a single game, lượt thích YuGiOh or Magic: The Gathering, to tướng general board game nights. 

Check out their events calendar and join in the fun!

Atlantis Hamburg
Güntherstraße 98, 22087 Hamburg

Kulturladen St. Georg

Chess has been around for centuries. This abstract strategy game is a real mental workout, which makes St. Georg’s Kulturladen an intellectual thể hình. Here chess enthusiasts can find opponents, have a match, and then stay for tea and cake. Bring your own chess phối or borrow one there. 

In addition, as a local cultural meeting point, the Kulturladen offers regular theater, music, film and discussion events.

Kulturladen St. Georg e.V.
16 Alexanderstraße, 20099 Hamburg

Hamburger Bücherhallen

Hamburg’s libraries have a lot to tướng offer. Not only can you borrow books, films and music, but you can even borrow games. All you need is a library thẻ, which anyone can obtain with an annual fee. Young people up to tướng the age of 17 pay a correspondingly lower amount. If you don't want to tướng have a valid one-year ID, you can also get a ‘day ticket’, which allows you to tướng borrow three items for a period of four weeks. 

Hamburg’s public libraries have constantly expanding games collections. In the three branches in Farmsen, Alstertal and Elbvororte there are even regular play afternoons for children and their parents.

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Additional Information:

Spielwerk Hamburg

Have your own game you’ve been developing or keen to tướng try out the newest thing before it even hits shelves? Spielwerk Hamburg may be the organisation for you. Dedicated to tướng the development of new games, Spielwerk Hamburg supports local independent and hobby developers through testing and playing. The group has regular meetings at several locations in the đô thị, including the aforementioned Würfel & Zucker for a monthly prototype play night.

Check out all their events on their calendar.

More information at

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