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Research and fabrication of high purity α-Al2O3 from Tan Rai aluminum hydroxide

Vo Van Mai, Anh Van Thi Bui, Toan Thi Ta, Phuong Hong Thi Nguyen

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This paper giao dịch the effects of some factors on the fabrication process of high purity α-Al2O3 from Tan Rai Al(OH)3. The obtained results of surface morphology (SEM), crystal structure (XRD), composition (EDX) of the original Al(OH)3 and Al2O3 show that Al(OH)3 washed with CH3COOH 2N is best at 80oC, efficient Dissolution reached the highest when using 25% HCl, Al2O3 calcined at 1400oC for 2 hours. The obtained Al2O3 has the structure α-Al2O3, the highpurity.


Al(OH)3 Tan Rai; α-Al2O3; high purity α-Al2O3


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